Inside look of Virtual College Dance Auditions

When college courses were switched over to online, that placed a pause on many things. Games, meetings and even dance team auditions are unpredictable of when they can resume.

Jenna Justice is a student at Louisiana Tech who takes dance classes as well as teaches them. While studios are closed, she prerecords herself doing dances for her students. Justice also takes online dance classes at her house to keep herself moving during this time.

“There are a lot of great dance class videos I watch on YouTube when I am not doing Zoom for school.  There are really good choreographers who make YouTube videos teaching dances, so I have been learning that way as well,” said Justice.

Since students had to finish the semester online, Justice and many other dancers had to audition for teams virtually. Justice tells us the coach for Louisiana Tech University Regal Blues sends the dancers auditioning different workouts to get them in shape for tryouts and to allow the dancers to know what is expected at tryouts.

“Usually my school’s dance team has several clinics for the new girls to go to, but most of them were cancelled. For the most part I am training at home in the best way I can, and I look forward to the day I can dance in the studio, and see my dance teachers again,” said Justice.

Justice is one of 32 finalist who has made it to round two of the for Louisiana Tech University Regal Blues auditions. This round will be on June 5th in person for all of the dancers.

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