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City Council members show support to Dance Studio

Dance businesses are getting hit hard due to the coronavirus. Audition attires are being put on hold to make masks for healthcare workers and dance studios that used to be filled with students are now empty.

Studio owners are now having to turn to Instagram and Facebook live to continue to teach their students and with no monthly fees coming in, these once-thriving dance studios, are now being forced to close.

Carolyn Lang, director of Motion, The Studio in Carrollton, recently made news after being forced to close one of her studios. Students and parents were saddened by the news where many of them grew their dance skills with the former Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader.

“The fight to save our Carrollton Park location continues. Thank you to anyone who contributed to the wonderful memories at our original Square location! We will miss being here,” said Lang.

While Lang is dealing with the closing of one of her studio locations, her and the studio teachers are planning the production for their end of year recital. This year, Land has decided to showcase her studio over several days from June 8th through the 14th.

“I’ve worked with state and city guidelines, local officials, doctors, lawyers, and insurance agents,” Lang said.

“I’m doing all I can to make this show happen with our current situation. School is out of session by this point. If we are to have a show at all, this is what I can realistically set for us that meets all guidelines.”

With the hard work Lang and her staff members have been putting, it has even caught the eye of some Carrollton City Council members. Some council members dropped by the studio to see how the staff is holding up, and even dropped off some sanitizing items.

During these visits, they also stepped onto the studio floor to learn a few dance combos.

One council member dropped in while a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader hopeful was practicing and he received some audition tips from the dancer.

“There’s still so much work to be done, but as I wipe away tears of gratitude, I want to take a moment to be thankful. I am thankful for these city leaders and my staff that are coming back in ready to guide our students into our first ever virtual recital. I am thankful for my home town and community,” Lang said.

In person classes at Motion, The Studio have resumed this week and they continue to offer online classes. Students and even their stuffed animals that tag along have their temperature taken before coming into class.

“Having my babies back in class has been unbelievable”, said Lang. “One of my sweet three-year-old students yelled out to her mother, ‘Mom, I’m dancing in the studio!’ I teared up.”

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