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Dealing with Online dance class Burn Out

Teacher with Stretch and Grow McKinney teaching an online class due to COVID-19. Photo credit: Mollie Mayfield

With school, work and basically everything switching to online, many are experiencing burn out. Especially with dance studios, many instructors can feel the lack of energy and motivation without their students. This also comes with stress of the unknown of how long dance studio will have to teach classes online.

We applaud all the dance teachers sticking it out because it can be exhausting. Here are some ways that can be helpful to dance teachers to alleviate the exhaustion.

Give yourself some grace

Celebrate your wins during this hard time you are going through. Not everything is ideal during this time and it is ok to shift your expectations. You are doing your best with what you have and what your students have at home. With these odd circumstances, you are accomplishing a lot continuing to offer value and making sure your student are receiving the best dance training.

Clock off

Schedule some time to yourself. Don’t just unplug from your business, but also your devices, social media and anything that correlates with teaching. Teachers need to be in charge with how much their business is in their lives and currently it can be all the time.

Use your dance resources

Many dance teachers have never taught online classes, so it is very new to them. Reach out to studios that may have this experience and learn how they run their online classes. Also if you are studio owner, don’t feel as if you or your current teachers have to conduct all of the classes. Reach out to former pro dancers to be a guest for a class. This will be helpful for the students to learn new skills and refreshing for them to see a new face.

Allowing these tasks into your online classes regularly will allow you to shift your mindset and allow your body some rest. Lastly, these things will give more value to your students and remove a ton of workload on you.

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