Dance Audition Tips from Dallas Stars Ice Girl Sarah

We can’t wait for audition season and Dallas Stars Ice Girl Sarah has some great tips for you to prepare for audition season right now.

  1. What was the first pro team you auditioned for or were a part of in your career?

    I am a Dallas Stars Ice Girl and it’s the only professional team I have cheered for. This is my third season and I’m an assistant dance captain!

  2. How did you prepare for it or wish you knew to be prepared?

    I like to be prepared well in advance. I make sure I have my outfit ready and stoned and a freestyle prepared to go with any kind of music.

  3. What are some hacks for auditions?

    For me, I stress out too easily, so I like to make sure everything is in order well before audition date. That means hair routine, makeup routine, outfits (rhinestoned) and shoes, and a freestyle sort of mapped out. There’s nothing more stressful than putting something together at the last minute. So prepare beforehand and make sure you are calm, relaxed and ready for the big day!

  4. What are you excited for this upcoming audition season?

    I am excited for audition season to get going and see what the team looks like for next year!

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