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Partnership with FlexIt Brings Discounted Workouts for Audition Season

Dallas Dance Fanatic has teamed up with FlexIt to bring their unique and one-of-a kind business to Dallas-Fort Worth. With the FlexIt app you only pay for your time at each gym and don’t have to be a member of any gym. You get to pick from gyms all across the country and state and only pay for the time you are there. It is a new take on the traditional gym membership. You scan the QR code in the app at the front desk of the gym, workout, and then scan out. If you forget to scan out that’s no problem, because the app uses geofencing and will log you out once you are out of the radius of the gym. This is perfect for dance auditions and to stay in shape during season once you have made that team.

Since gyms are currently closed due to COVID-19, FlexIt once again pivoted and created Virtual Personal Training. They use their existing trainers and gyms to bring workouts to a users’ home. They get 1-on-1 personal training from the experts in the comfort of their own home. Staying active during this time is imperative.

We are working with FlexIt to do a giveaway of 1hr of personal training with fitness expert Pedro Granados who is a trainer at Manhattan Plaza Health Club in New York City. He uses an unconventional weight during his workouts, his son Mateo. It is a fun and interactive way to bring families together for fitness. There are many trainers to choose from on the site. Head to use promo code DALLAS10 for 10% off training. You have to start training now to stay fit for auditions and for season.

To enter to win the giveaway for a training sessions with Pedro, you must tag a friend in one of our social media posts, and subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

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