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Interview with Dallas Sidekicks Dancers Director Janae Green


Janae Green has been in the dance world her whole life. She showed a knack for rhythm as a child and continued honing that talent through high school, college, and into the professional world. We virtually sat down with her to do a quick interview on her experiences and get tips for those interested in pursuing a professional dance career.

1. Tell us about your professional dance experience.

I was a Dallas Mavericks Dancer for four years. Throughout my time there, I danced in over a hundred NBA games and traveled the world globally. I participated in tons of community events and met amazing MFFLs at appearances!

2. You were named the Dallas Sidekicks Dancers Director last season, how did that make you feel and how did the season go? 

When I was named the director of the Dallas Sidekicks Dancers, it was an incredible feeling. This season was a great experience. I am looking forward to continuing this journey training and inspiring women.

3. What are some suggestions you would give to dancers wanting to audition for a professional team? 

Come confident and give it your all. Take prep classes to train and become more comfortable with the style. Dance classes also help improve your memory and will help you pick up choreography faster.
4. Anything stand out from your audition experiences? 
I always envisioned myself killing the dance before I went. That helped me be more confident. I also practiced basic interview questions so that I knew how to sound clear and professional.

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