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Dance Audition Tips from Dallas Stars Ice Girl Tessa

We can’t wait for audition season and Dallas Stars Ice Girl Tessa has some great tips for you to prepare for audition season right now.

  1. What was the first pro team you auditioned for or were a part of in your career?

    The first team professional team I was and am still a part of is the Dallas Stars

  2. How did you prepare for it or wish you knew to be prepared?

    I prepared by eating clean, working out, attending all dance classes I possibly could to maintain endurance/stamina while also keeping my brain challenged choreographically. I attended Dallas Stars Ice Girls prep classes so that they knew my face and so I could leant the Ice Girls style, brushed up on my NHL/Stars knowledge, got familiar with hockey skates on ice (scary at first!), & finally – made sure I had my hair/nails/tan/audition outfits executed properly.

  3. What are some hacks for auditions?

    Smile, breath, and be yourself! Confidence is beauty! As long as you work for it by preparing in all of the logistical ways so that you can allow yourself to show up and show out, all you can do is let go and let God!

  4. What are you excited for this upcoming audition season?

    I am most excited to meet new talented and beautiful girls this audition season! Obviously getting the opportunity to continue living out my dream is a blessing all in itself, but meeting new friends along the way is even more special. This includes new memories!

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