Allen Americans Ice Angels

Dance Audition Tips from Allen Ice Angel Kailyn

Quarantine has been rough, but sports will come back and that means auditions are right around the corner. Rookie Allen Americans Ice Angel Kailyn has some advice so you can be prepared for audition season.

  1. What was the first pro team you auditioned for or were a part of in your career?

    The first team I ever audition for was the Dallas Stars Ice Girls. This is my first year as a pro dancer for the Allen American Ice Angels!

  2. How did you prepare for it or wish you knew to be prepared?

    I decided I wanted to be a pro dancer when I was still attending school in Oklahoma, so I found a dance studio to start going to consistently! When I moved back to Dallas, I was either in the studio, at the ice rink, or in the gym up until a few days before the audition! I studied the Ice Girl and Ice Angel social media pages to get a sense of their style! I even learned some of their dances!

  3. What are some hacks for auditions?

    The best place to get tights is online at Diva Hosiery, or if you’re in a hurry, Hooters is the place to go! As far as makeup and hair, PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Figure out how to do it so it’ll last all day and make you feel confident and beautiful!

  4. What are you most excited for this upcoming audition season?

    I’m most excited about attending auditions this year as a RED HEAD!! I have a whole new level of confidence that I never knew I had with my new hair! I’m excited to see how that’s reflected in this year’s auditions!

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