Allen Americans Ice Angels

Dance Audition Tips from Allen Ice Angel Madi

Audition season is right around the corner and Allen Americans Ice Angel Madi has some tips and tricks to help you get ready when those auditions come around.

  1. What was the first pro team you auditioned for or were a part of in your career?

    Dallas Mavericks! I was only 18 years old.

  2. How did you prepare for it or wish you knew to be prepared?

    To prepare, I took privates with a vet on the team every week. She played a huge part in starting my journey as a dancer. I also went to almost every singe prep class and workout class led by @sharif who I still train with today. The things I wish I would have known before auditioning were how to properly do my makeup and that your outfit does not need to look like a disco ball with a ton of rhinestones.

  3. What are some hacks for auditions?

    Some hacks for auditions are to bring a blow dryer for after you learn the routine and have time to freshen up before performing in front of the judges. Bring LOTS of snacks. It is going to be a long day and you need tons of energy.

  4. What are you excited for this upcoming audition season?

    I am most excited to see all of the hard work everyone has put into auditions finally pay off and all of the cute audition outfits.

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