Dance Audition Tips from Dallas Sidekicks Dancer Melanie

Michael Lark Photography 80 - 20200214-_DSC7370

We can’t wait for sports to come back as well, but in the meantime you can start preparing for the dance audition season now. Veteran Dallas Sidekicks Dancer Melanie has some tips and tricks for you so you can be prepared.

  1. What was the first pro team you auditioned for or were a part of in your career?

    The first pro team I auditioned for and was a part of was The Colorado Crush Dance Team. The first one in Dallas was the Dallas Sidekicks Dancers.

  2. How did you prepare for it or wish you knew to be prepared?

    I first gained as much knowledge and information about the team and organization itself- the values, history, and involvement in the community. I got in touch and made connections with other dancers and went to as many prep classes I could to learn their team’s style. I even asked to meet with some of the dancers outside of prep classes to practice the style and technique. I was also sure to be eating very balanced and getting lots of exercise each day to strengthen my endurance.

  3. What are some hacks for auditions?

    Some hacks for auditions include checking Dallas Dance Wear and the Line Up for cute audition outfits, buying packs of Diva tights online, and stocking up on Fave4Hair products. I also highly recommend getting an airbrush tan rather than a booth spray tan!

  4. What are you excited for this upcoming audition season?

    What I’m most excited for about this upcoming audition season is the same as always- meeting new people and gaining amazing new friendships/relationships. It’s so special to be surrounded and learning from inspiring and hardworking individuals who share the same passion for dance as you do.

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