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Dance Audition tips from Veteran Dallas Stars Ice Girl Rhegan

Photo: Mollie Mayfield/Dallas Sports Fanatic

With games for Dallas area teams at a halt currently, dance audition season is right around the corner. We will be bringing those auditioning for pro teams all the information to be prepared. This week we are featuring veteran Stars Ice Girl Rhegan. Here is how she got started with dancing and her tips with auditions.

What was the first professional team you auditioned for or were apart of?

“The first pro team I was apart of was the Dallas Stars!” 

How did you prepare for the audition or wish you knew to be prepared?

“I prepared by going to the prep classes that were held, I brushed up on hockey knowledge, and wasn’t afraid to give the ice a try! Also, staying fit in the gym and keeping my body as healthy as it can be for a long season!”

What are some hacks for auditions? 
“I wear my hair straight and have a long bob, so making sure I have enough volume and tease to keep it looking full is important! Natural makeup that highlights your features is the way to go! Bring lots of healthy snacks to auditions. It can be a long day and you want to be able to keep up your energy throughout the process!” 

What are you excited for this upcoming audition season?
“This upcoming audition season, I am most excited to get to continue doing what I love! It is always fun to get to meet new people and share new experiences together! You make memories and friends that will last you a lifetime!”

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